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Democracy and Human Rights

Mandag, 15. Februar 2010 09:14

OBS - på denne linje foregår undervisningen på engelsk!



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democracy and human rights



Theme objective

Is democracy about casting votes? And can you take human rights for granted? In this class we will explore democracy and human rights in detail. We will discuss, examine and challenge each other's view.

This is an unique opportunity to discuss and investigate democracy and human rights with a group of students from disability organisations in developing countries.

We will try to understand what democracy means and how important democracy is at all levels. We will have a look on the historic development of democracy, talk about different levels of democracy. Finally we will focus on how you can become a democratic individual, how you can implement democracy in an organisation and the society to work by democratic values.

Human Rights are important tools to ensure a democratic society. We will focus on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights as a starting point of a discussion on the human rights situation in various countries. With a basis in the UN Convention for People with Disa­bilities, we will discuss the situation of people with disabilities in different cultures. You will gain inspiration on how you can work with the Convention.


Training methods

- how do we di it?

This class will be conducted in English, as 7 students from disability organisations in developing countries will be taking the class. The classes will be a mix of discussions, field visits, practical exercises and a study trip to Copenhagen.


- what do we expect from you as a student?

We expect that you

  • come with an open mind and that you are interested in discussing and learning about different ways and views on democracy and human rights
  • can read, write and understand English
  • bring your own computer if possible


- What do we do to ensure that everyone can participate?

If needed our assistant teachers will help read some articles, describe visual teaching aids, translate a few difficult words etc.

Practical issues
- How do we do it?

Most written material will be uploaded to google drive and printed if necessary. There might be a small fee to be paid for the study trip to Copenhagen.


Activities within and outside the school

We will combine discussions in the classroom with practical exercises, experiments trip to see how democracy and human rights are implemented in the Danish society. We might also prepare small workshops to teach other groups about democracy and human rights. Now and then we will invite guest lectures with a special knowledge on a given topic.


Chose this class if you...

  • find that democracy and human rights are of paramount importance in today’s world
  • enjoy to discuss and interact with students from around the world


På højskole som assistentelev?

Hvis du har lyst til at gå på højskole og samtidig være assistent for en anden elev, så kan du ansøge om et assistentjob. Der er ledige stillinger til det kommende semester, som starter søndag den 6. januar.


Der er ansøgningsfrist: 

fredag den 19. oktober og Fredag den 16. november


Samtaler finder sted:

Onsdag den 7. november kl. 13

Mandag den 19. november kl. 11

Søndag den 9. december kl. 11


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