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Foreign students


Students from Japan

At Egmont Højskolen we have students from many parts of the world. The spoken language at the school is Danish. Common messages will be translated into English and most of the Danish students are able to communicate very well in English.
Our international activities can be divided into two main areas: Japan and the Developing countries

The school has strong relations to Japan. Every year Japanese students go to Egmont Højskolen to have a closer look at Danish culture, welfare and the political system in Denmark. And every year Danish Students go to Japan for two weeks to experience the unique and great Japan.
(Japanese wishing to become students: Read more on this Japanese website [])

Development Countries
Egmont Højskolen cooperates with disability organisations in Uganda, Ghana, Nepal and Mongolia. Every year people from these organisations come to Denmark to study the culture and welfare system and to improve their skills in communication and organisational work. We call them Global line students.

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