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Application process

On 15th October DPOD informs its Danish member organisations about next year’s Global Line theme at Egmont Højskolen.

Subsequently during the year, the Danish organisations and their partners in the South should discuss whether it is relevant for them to send volunteers to the Global Line course. If so, each organisation in the South informs its activist base and a selection process is set in motion in cooperation with the Danish partner organisation. The organisation in the South may recommend between 2 and 5 applicants with at least one of each sex. The application must be sent through the Danish partner organisation to DPOD by 1 December.


After this deadline, DPOD reads the applications and shortlists promising candidates. They are then interviewed over the phone throughout December and early January. In this manner, between 8 and 10 participants are finally selected, and by 1 February DPOD informs the Danish organisations who they are. The Danish organisations inform their partners in the South, who notify all applicants whether selected or not.


The chosen candidates will live up to the criteria mentioned below and will be expected to share the knowledge gained at the Global Line course with their organisation. Therefore, it is important that the Danish organisations and their partners in the South propose volunteers who will remain active in their organisation after the course. Furthermore, organisations in the South must be able to involve former course participants after their return, at least on a voluntary basis, and be prepared to take advantage of the skills and ideas brought home from the course.


Criteria for selection of participants

  • The organisation in the South is a partner of one of DPOD’s member organisations, and preferably participates in Danish project cooperation under the Mini-Programme.

  • They need the training and are capable of passing on knowledge for the benefit of their organisation’s future work.

  • They are at least 18 years and no more than 40 years old.

  • They have an education equivalent to at least secondary school and basic computer skills, including command of MS Word and Internet.

  • They have the necessary knowledge of English to be able to understand the teaching.

  • They have a passport.

  • They are in positions of trust in their organisations, i.e. they have been chosen for a post within their organisation at the national or local level, for example on the board or a committee.

  • There is a plan for the participants’ work in the organisations after they return. This includes a description of the tasks and areas of work in which the organisation expects each participant to be involved after his/her return from Egmont.

  • They have been informed about the contents of the Global Line course, have relevant expectations and are aware of their responsibilities after the course.

  • They are persons with disabilities or relatives of such people who represent others unable to attend normal education, e.g. people with developmental or intellectual disabilities or autism.


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