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Practical information

Pocket money

Global Line participants will be receiving a small weekly allowance while they are in Denmark. It will cover pocket money to buy sodas, some clothes etc. Denmark is quite an expensive country which is why the weekly allowance is to enable the global line participants to socialise while staying at the school and not to save.


What to bring

Please check how much luggage that are allowed to be checked in on the aircraft. From experience we know that the global line participants bring back home more than they come with so please take that into consideration when packing for the stay in Denmark.


There is no school uniform at Egmont Højskolen, the Danish students dress very casually. However, global line participants will need sports clothes and shoes and swim suits. It is possible to buy these items second hand in Denmark if necessary.


Denmark has a cold climate, especially when we reach the winter months, November – December, so warm clothes are necessary. Second hand warm clothes in Denmark, are available in the shops.


Please bring information about your organisation such as: strategic planning (if you have one), vision and mission statement, and year plan. You could take time to discuss with your organisation about a project they have in the pipeline which could be used as your case study when doing project development.


Please bring traditional dress, songs, games, music, pictures, etc. from your country. You will be asked to tell about your country and your culture, and it would be fine if you could bring something special to illustrate this.


Remember to bring the disability aids that you need, such as wheel chair, crutches, Perkins Brailler, etc.


It is your responsibility to bring the medicine you need for the whole course. You will not find the same medicine in Denmark as you are used to.


There is no danger of malaria in Denmark, but if there is a possibility that you already have malaria, please bring the anti-malarial medicines.


Especially for the girls: Plait your hair so it can last for 5 months. It is very expensive to have it done in Denmark. You should also bring hair products like hair pomades, relaxer and wigs.


If possible bring a mobile phone and a laptop computer.


Electrical outlets in Denmark use a two-prong plug typical for continental Europe. As Denmark strays from the Scandinavian norm, make sure the adapter you buy is suitable especially for Denmark (some outlets are deeper than European standard.) Look for plug types C, F, or K, they have the correct size of two round prongs.


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