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Studying at Egmont

The students have approximately 21 lessons a week. Besides the scheduled lessons on Global Line the participants will participate in different sports activities and we will have morning assembly, lectures and information meeting during the week.

With regular intervals we break up the schedule and do something different. This could be a theme day where everybody is engaged in writing newspapers, or it could be a theme week where the whole school works together on the production of a musical. Theme days and weeks usually end with a big party. The first week at Egmont is an introduction week where the focus is getting to know one another.


Study trips

Twice a year we leave the school and go on study trips abroad. The duration of the study trip is 5 days in the autumn semester. We don’t travel the whole school together so there will be 3-4 different destinations. Destinations vary from year to year. In the autumn semester the destination will typically be nearby capitals like Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Prague.


Autumn leave

The Danish students have autumn leave in the third week of October, and there will be a special program for the “global line” students. The last two years the students have participated in a work camp facilitators course organised by MS Action Aid. Other years we invited a journalist to come a give intensive instruction in the skills of writing.



During some weekends there will be a programme such as seminars, trainings, visit (for instance a sight-seeing trip to Copenhagen) etc. Also there is the possibility to visit Danish partner organisations.
Other weekends will be without a programme. The global line participants are encouraged to organise activities and trips on their own as well as to participate in the week-end activities with the Danish students on the school.

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