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School life

A folk high school is a boarding school where students live, eat and sleep together.

At Egmont Højskolen we say that the school is your home while you are staying here.
The atmosphere is very informal and this comes as a surprise to many foreigners. There is very little hierarchy and the tone between teachers and students is very straight forward.


A lot of the Danish students consider their stay at Egmont Højskolen a break from the formal educational system.
A free place where they in their own time (and with help from their teachers) can figure out what they want to do with their lives.
We believe that a large part of the students’ education also lies in the process of being together, in discussing and sometimes in having conflicts.
In a sense two students having a profound discussion while they are drinking a cup of coffee or perhaps a beer can also be good Folk High School education.


When it comes to the use of alcohol the school teachers more or less put their faith in the students being responsible.
The main demand is no misuse and the students attending their classes in an active manner.



students-and-teachers img 4209

 Jeppe (student) and Michael (teacher) are getting to know eachother.



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