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The power of encouragement


Egmont high school is famous due to its glorious achievements. One admirable feature of this school is the teachers’ spirit of encouragement. That has made the school unique among its competitors.


As a blind Ghanaian, I was confronted with a lot of challenges. I never dreamed of stepping into the sea let alone swimming because of the fears in me. However, in Egmont, every little attempt to do something is rewarded with motivation and encouragement by the teachers. Inspirational phrases like: "Have you done it before?" "You are great, Keep it up, you can soon be a professional ", etc never lost from their mouths.


If today, water activities have become my hobbies, have overcome the height phobia and can confidently climb to the top of the wall as well as dancing comfortably on the line, “believe you me”, it is by the power of encouragement which has been and shall forever be the secret behind Egmont’s success.


Joseph, Ghana

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