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As a foreign student your subjects will be divided into two parts: The international subjects where you primarily attend classes together with other foreign students and the classes you attend with the Danish students.


Please notice that Egmont Højskolen is not a place where you can get exams, formal education or diplomas. Surely, you will improve your skills in your chosen subject fields, but the main emphasis will lie in broadening your mind.  The major teaching goals are self-development, social skills and active citizenship.

International subjects
International subjects include Danish culture, Danish Politics, EU-politics, social welfare, communication, organisational skills, Danish language and English language.
Some of these subjects Europeans, Japanese and Global students (from the development countries) will attend together and some you will attend in smaller classes.
During the course you will not only stay in the school but also get a chance to visit other parts of Denmark.


Other Subjects
The subjects you will attend with Danish students consist of practical, active and creative subjects like: Sports, outdoor life, film production, computer graphics, photo, ceramics, glass art, painting, rhythmic music and choir.
A lot of the teaching in these subjects will be given in a one-to-one situation between teacher and student and this will be in English. Messages and teaching given to a group of students will primarily be in Danish but it will be translated into English.


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