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Trips and activities

Your stay at Egmont Højskolen does not follow a totally fixed scheme week after week. You will find trips and activities spread out through the semester and two weeks are never the same.

Study tours
At Egmont it is a tradition every year to make a study tour. In spring there will be a two weeks study tour. In autumn we will do a shorter tour of 4-5 days. The purpose is to experience foreign cultures and obtain new knowledge - but also very much to get together and make some team building. The destinations are usually inside the borders of Europe and the costs are covered by the school fee. In spring we also have study tours going to Africa and Japan and they will cost extra because they are more expensive.
The tours have always been an amazing and positive experience for all participants.


During your stay you will have the possibility of visiting different places in Denmark. As an international student part of your education will consist of trips to places of cultural, historical, political or social interest.
Apart from this the school normally arranges trips to the theatre
Finally, students have a habit of arranging trips on their own: Popcorn and cinema, bowling, picnic in the woods or perhaps a night at the discothèque.


Theme days
To stir up the daily routine, we every now and then have one or several days where things are turned upside down.

For a few days you might have different subjects than the ones you are used to in a so-called subject-week.
We sometimes use a Saturday for special activities like going to a political meeting, having a day of sports or studying and hearing about an interesting topic.
Finally, we always have a week during a semester where all students get together on a common project. This could be a theatre play where students do everything from acting, singing, playing music, mixing sound and light, making video and building stage. It could be a singing contest with rivalling music bands. Or it could be a large scale role-play, where everybody dresses up and act out an international conflict between fictive nations.

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